Friday, 30 September 2022

September review and October plans

 With the modelling of the main building complete, efforts can now be aimed towards the more crucial aspects of the VN. In September I was also able to come up with a way to integrate dry or complex information needed for test questions into the story, by doing this the game will be conceptually harder and will require the player to make good use of the in-build save game feature in Ren’Py.

But how will the story integration work? To understand this clearly, let’s say that the player needs to learn something like, for example, marginal utility. All that is needed to explain this concept is a single scene where the value of a good (maybe a cup of weak lemon) is decreased as it becomes less scarce, a scene that if we want to make the game harder could be hidden down a certain fork in the story, perhaps you have an option to talk to a student or Ms. Augustine, in which case you learn about the true value of weak lemon. Later the player can be asked about how marginal utility works and hopefully the story would have clued them into how they should answer. I think this is a more creative and fun way to write the story as it lets the user use their own deduction capabilities instead of having to endlessly read through academic writing.

                                          The main building, complete with tennis court and observatory.

In October hopefully the script can increase in length. I have also recently acquired some shiny, royalty-free menu sounds to give the game some more polish. A few months back a kind user gave also us permission to use his music in the VN so the placeholder music that has been added so far will most likely get replaced thanks to his efforts.

He’s website can be found here:

This concludes this month’s post, if you want to contribute to Faust’s Academy yourself, we will gladly accept any help.

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Plans for September 2022

In this month we plan to complete the modelling for the main school building, at this time only the final roof element and ground-level stairways are in need of completion. Colouring of the school building has resulted in a better result that originally anticipated so only minor post-production touches will be needed to make screenshots taken around the school look convincing.

Three more buildings at the minimum are needed to ensure visual consistency in the backgrounds but 3D modelling will take a pause until the first draft of the script and initial character designs are completed.

In simple terms September will be dedicated to finishing the main school building and writing as much of the script as possible.

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Test Post

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